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At The Well in Carmel, we believe we have a generous God who withholds nothing from us, and becoming like Him, we are called to be joyous and generous givers.  In order to maximize and steward your investments into the kingdom of God, we encourage people to give with either cash or check, or through your online banking account:

The Well in Carmel

12254 Hancock Street

Carmel, IN 46032

Phone:   317-516-7954

Cash, Check, or Bank Transfer methods ensure that 100% of your giving goes to the ministry of The Well in Carmel. The leadership views your giving as “seeds” to be planted for Kingdom of God ventures that are deemed to grow and expand (Matthew 25:14-30).

 For your convenience, and a minimal process fee (e.g., 2%-3.5%), we can also receive online donations through our account at – please click on the button below to make your online donation.

Receive regular email updates from the Elders and other ministries at The Well in Carmel. We try our best to keep you in the loop on everything happening in our church community.